In my humble opinion, there are two ways to deal with unanticipated predicaments. We can wallow in our misery or we can fight it with good humor. I spent the first week of the shelter-in-place at home enjoying some much needed time off, which we all know meant only one thing: spending way too much time reading witty content online. My discovery? Sudden emotions push us into very creative avenues that (thank God) translate into one of the best novelties the 21st century has given us: REALLY. FREAKIN’. FUNNY. MEMES.

So if you enjoy unapologetic, edgy humor, keep scrolling as I have compiled the best of the best of what I found. Cheers.  

First things first, what are we dealing with here?

Great! So, all we need to do is wash our hands, right? Got it!

But wait, what’s the deal with peeps fighting for TP? Did I miss something?

UGH. No worries, you can always try to grow your own and use it for that special occasion.

On March 16, Mayor London Breed announced the shelter-in-place order in SF—this is how we humans proceeded to deal with it.

But let’s not blame it all on the ’rona. Truth is 2020 was already DOA if you ask me…

It almost feels personal, doesn’t it?

But thankfully, we humans are intelligent, imaginative beings and will rise to the occasion.

And the best part? These situations bring out the best in ourselves, so you can feel the love in the air! From our family…

…to our furry ones.

It’s all about doing what’s best for the community.

And parents around the world, they are also heroes in my eyes. Bravo.

And don’t forget about celebrities, showing that in times like these, we are all the same.

And though there’s that friend…

…he does provide sound advice.

So basically, it’s in our (washed) hands to do the right thing and #StayHome.

And look forward to the day things get back to “normal.”

And remember, BE KIND to your neighbors, you don’t know what personal battles they might be dealing with.

Disclaimer: We probably don’t need to say this, but we don’t own the rights to any of these publicly shared memes. They were all discovered organically on social media, and sharing is caring.