Yep, we all do it—we all collect something. Whether by chance or made as a conscious decision, I bet you there’s that group of things somewhere around your house or office, big or small, that helps you define yourself and almost certainly brings you joy every time you so much as think about it.

But, why do we collect things? There are tons of reasons of course. Maybe it’s because as humans we are natural hunter-gatherers, some people do it for fun, some others may see it as an investment, or I’d dare to say (without getting into a deep psychological analysis here) some people do it to find like-minded beings who they could connect with.

Me? Well, I have to admit that while I pride myself on being a minimalist who dislikes the idea of getting attached to objects, I realized that this specific group of things made my soul smile every time, so I gave in. I don’t even remember exactly when it started, but it’s now December 2017, and I am the proud owner of a very neat collection (I know, I sound like a grandma) of 25+ mugs—and counting.

Yes, mugs may seem like a generic, “Sorry-I-totally-forgot-to-buy-you-a-real-present” type of souvenir to most, but not to me. Mugs have become my morning companion, and I love that they even help me set the mood for the day. Not following? OK, let me show you what I mean.

Mug Image 1

I am a lover, not a fighter (but, don’t mess with me)

I love the combination of sweet and edgy, with a very light touch of inappropriate. You do too? Great! So, you understand why this mug never fails to put a smirk on your face, and gives me that much needed sassiness to deal with the occasional crappy Monday morning.

Mug Image 2

Love is in the mug

My great-aunt sent me this all the way from Uruguay. Knowing how much I love Mango (my dog—and soulmate), she made this mug out of photos I had sent to her years earlier. As a typography lover and art director, this mug makes me cringe. But, as a human being, it fills my heart with a warm, fuzzy feeling that gives me the strength to “adult”—even when I don’t feel like it.

Mug Image 3

Foreign and fabulous

OK, OK—I too like shiny, pretty, girly things…sometimes. And, when I do, it has to scream “I am a freakin’ princess.” Well, this mug does that for me.

Mug Image 4

Sipping on nostalgia

A few months ago, while visiting my family in Lima, I stumbled upon this little guy at the supermarket. It instantly took me back, we had the exact same mugs when I was a kid. Now, every time I drink from it, for a few minutes I am transported back to my chaotically wonderful childhood—and, that’s a pretty awesome way to start my day.

Mug Image 5

Monkey business

Have you heard about the theory of evolution, and how we’ve evolved from apes? Well, I firmly believe…JK! I love this silly mug. C’mon, just look at it. Yeah, it’d physically impossible for anyone to hold it AND be in a bad mood at the same time.

Mug Image 6

Marketing for dummies

I am sucker for companies that know how to tell their story. Starbucks is one of them, and they know their sh*t when it comes to coffee marketing. So, it comes to no surprise that when they presented me with this “artisan” mug, I totally fell for it. And I know it’s in my head, but even if I’m drinking the crappiest instant coffee—with this mug, I sure feel like I am drinking small-batch, high-quality coffee.

Mug Image 7

Your cup of tea

93.7% of the time I drink coffee. I’m not even sure the caffeine does anything to me anymore, but I feel like I need my coffee to keep up with the agency pace we all know and love. But, for those calm moments (in between conference calls, usually) when I feel like taking things slow and sipping some tea, this guy for sure comes in handy.

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