What day is it again?

When you’re sheltering in place, the days can start to run together worse than back-to-back-to-back-to-back Monday meetings. You start to wonder how many times you can hear that C-word (not COVID, not CORONAVIRUS—I’m talking about CONFERENCE CALL!) and not feel the need to decompress.

While everyone needs to find their own way to deal with the stress, we’d like to thank those 5 o’clock Zoom happy hours for keeping us sane. Without them, I’m not sure how we could properly unwind. They give us the chance to share stories of the latest administration debacle. To give each other binge-watching ideas (Tiger King, anyone?). To confess how much we wish we possessed the patience of an elementary school math teacher. Or to simply get a much-needed dose of regular social interaction during forced isolation. Our happy hours help us reconnect as a team—so we can contribute to our creative work, as well as our creative relaxation.

So, here’s what we recommend. Set up a recurring meeting, grab one of our happy hour Zoom backgrounds, mix your favorite QuaranTini (spirits optional), and enjoy 5 o’clock with family, friends, and colleagues. Here’s to you! Stay safe.

BTW: We’d appreciate it if you could share the love! Grab a screen shot of how great you look against your new background and tag us in your post.

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Special thanks to all the first responders, emergency workers, essential employees, the cities, the counties, and the state of California for keeping the people’s safety at the forefront of their mission.