In the design agency world, project deadlines can make squeezing in a lunch break tricky to say the least, but NOT at the Contrast DesignWorks office in San Francisco. It’s not just the endless options of eateries around the city blocks that get us excited. Removing our headphones, breaking away from our desks, and sitting together to eat is always refreshing. We created a taste of community for us to relax, get to know each other, share our stories, but most of all, to build a sense of belonging.

Design can sometimes feel like a solitary experience, full of long hours behind our laptops. Yet we all know that getting a new point of view is a vital part of the creative process. Our lunch breaks help to create a more collaborative work environment, fostering conversation and impromptu brainstorming sessions away from the desk. It’s also the perfect time to have a good giggle with each other and put those work woes into perspective. Our lunch breaks give us the outlet we need to destress, offload and go back to work feeling fresh, focused, and full of energy.


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Don’t skip lunch! Even if you can only get away for 30 minutes, do it. We hope that just like us, with our lunch break shenanigans, you’ll create your own lunch break “community” and enjoy.