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This is our agency manifesto

We love crafting experiences that inspire
people to take action.

Companies and their customers.
Employers and employees.
Businesses and businesses.
Experts and eager minds.

To try something new.
To see and learn cool stuff.
To solve problems and live happily ever after.
To get sh*t done.

We eat, sleep, and breathe creating
connections that matter.

We are Contrast DesignWorks.

Our values represent the traits and attitudes that we
collectively embrace.

Be brave

We’re all in this together and we want to hear all the ideas. This is a place where everyone is encouraged to try new things. To speak up when we’ve got questions. To poke holes when something doesn’t look right. We listen, we share, we push.

Make it work

In this business, a sense of humor may come in handy, but a dive-in-and-figure-it-out mindset is a must. We may not know the answer—yet—but we’re going to whiteboard and test the **it out of it until we do. Bring it on.

Find the balance

Look, agency life can be absurd, with crazy deadlines and overwhelming to-do lists. We could get stressed out, but we’d rather recharge our batteries with a laugh and a shared plate of nachos. 

Share the love

There are only so many hours in the day. We should spend them working with great people and on projects we think are worthwhile. We adore our Fortune 100 clients, and we also love helping up-and-coming brands and clients who need our support, too. 

Make a difference

Simply put, what we do matters. So, wherever we can, we want to leave our stamp on the world in a positive way—like supporting human rights, climate awareness, and other causes our teams are passionate about. Good things happen when people care.

Be transparent

We don’t believe in dog-and-pony shows. We’re all about rolling up our sleeves, collaborating with clients, and coming up with ideas we can all get behind. We’re not here to sell designs. We’re here to solve problems

Life hacks and planking and laughs, oh my!

Our blog’s called Creative Fuel, because it’s full of the insights and ideas that make us feel full and happy.

We volunteer, donate, and work with some great organizations. Here’s the short list.