we’re all about making connections

We help world-class brands bond with their customers—creating meaningful encounters for them across the digital universe and to print and back again.

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design is what we do best

We have a broad skill set on purpose. It helps us connect the dots on all kinds of complex problems—because every creative challenge is different.

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    brand & integrated marketing strategy

    acquisition, retention & loyalty programs

  • Branding Icon


    brand platform: purpose, promise, pillars

    brand identity: look, feel & sound

    experiential & events

    toolkits & guidelines

  • Experience Icon


    digital marketing & websites

    user experience, information architecture, user interface

    social media

    content creation

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    content management systems

    commerce & responsive sites

    marketing integrations

    search engine optimization

check out our fish tale

Many of us have actually been together for quite some time. Here’s our story.

  • 2003

    Once upon a time, we were a small fish of an agency.

  • 2009

    Then a bigger fish came along and we decided to school up.

  • 2011

    And we looked so good that we all got gobbled up by a giant fish.

  • 2014

    That giant fish was then cut up into bite-sized, tasty morsels.

  • today

    So, we were free to go swim in our own pond again.
    We decided to create Contrast DesignWorks. And it was all good.


here’s where it all goes down

Let’s face it. Traffic is rough. So, we’d rather spend time creating something amazing from an office close by.

  • Los Altos Los Altos Los Altos
    4 Main Street | Suite 50 | Los Altos, CA | 94022
    415.531.0811 | hello@contrastdesignworks.com
  • San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco
    870 Market Street | Suite 746 | San Francisco, CA | 94102

you complete us

If you want to make great stuff, we want you. It starts with a quick intro, a solid portfolio, and a get-it-done attitude.