Bringing Citrix Synergy to life


Bringing Citrix Synergy to life.

Every year Synergy brings in thousands of attendees to get the latest product updates, dive into hands-on-training, network with colleagues, and have a little fun. Citrix recruited our help to assist in a wide range of creative endeavors—from event visual style development to audience acquisition. We had a hand in just about everything, and the result was a successful conference that we’re proud to champion.

what we’re up to:

  • Audience Acquisition Strategy
  • Content Architecture
  • Theme + Concept
  • Visual Guidelines
  • Web Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Banner Advertising
  • Social Campaigns
  • Video Storyboarding
  • Infographic Design
  • Digital Signage Templates
  • Apparel + Wearables
  • Photography Art Direction

Visual guidelines

As a bookend to theme and concept development, we built visual guidelines and a graphic toolkit that drove all creative work for Synergy 2017.

  • Number of attendees 5443
  • Months of work 10
  • Number of deliverables 323

what we love to hear:

Great job. It has been an intense but great ride and we could not do it without you bringing fresh ideas, design and collaboration to our program… you guys showed guts and determination and it cumulated in our best marketing program to date both from a recruitment standpoint and visual experience.

– Marsha Maxwell, Senior Director, Corporate Events