How do you get breadth and depth within a single project? By creating 618 icons—detailed and simplified—for Oracle’s brand library.

Oracle approached us to modernize the look and feel of their brand icons. Optimized for versatility, each metaphor was designed to be universally understood and crafted to be aware of any cultural sensitivities or negative connotations.

what we’re up to:

  • Ideation + Concepting
  • Detailed Icon Development
  • Simplified Icon Development
  • Design Production
  • Visual Guidelines

Built to scale

All icons are built within a 192×192 pixel square on a 3px grid. This icon live area is centered within a 288×288 pixel square in order to preserve a consistent clear spaceno matter the scaled size.

  • Number of detailed and simplified icons 618
  • Number of delivered files for every icon set 12
  • Total number of delivered files 3708

One icon, two styles

All icons in the collection have two versions: simplified and detailed. Simplified icons are built as streamlined, yet bold, one-color icons. They are crafted to utilize negative space to add necessary detail. Detailed icons draw on an expanded color palette to enhance depth and detail, while maintaining a shared profile with the simplified icons for visual consistency.

what we love to hear:

Thoughtful, eloquent, and creative both at the bigger picture level of a robust brand system, and the detailed level of design execution, Andrew and team have delivered a terrific icon collection.

– Francisco Delgadillo, VP, Executive Creative Director, Oracle Brand Creative