When it comes to PayPal marketing, we mean business. Small-to-medium, mid-market, and partner businesses, to be exact.

Because we work with so many teams at PayPal, our work runs the gamut—from conceptual campaigns that turn value propositions into eye-catching metaphors to direct response and media campaigns that get clicks and calls.

what we’re up to:

  • Content Creation
  • Content Strategy
  • Integrated Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • Banner Advertising
  • Landing Pages
  • Direct Mail
  • Sell Sheets
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Infographics
  • Product Messaging Guides
  • Product Photography
  • Quick Reference Guides
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Editing
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A good concept goes a long way. We design campaigns to help our clients connect with customers through engaging experiences to help boost acquisition, activation, and conversion.

PayPal Campaign 1PayPal Campaign 2PayPal Campaign 3
  • Number of completed projects in 2017 120
  • Number of assets delivered in 2017 1008+

Email Templates & Handbook

The new small-to-medium business email templates and handbook were designed to provide PayPal with a fresh, flexible design approach that supports a wide variety of business needs.

PayPal Email Templates and Handbook

Direct Mail

We don’t let our clients get lost in the mail. Our design goal is to leverage the brand and find the right balance of brand, budget, and creativity to optimize response rates.

PayPal Direct 1a PayPal Direct 1b
PayPal Direct Mail 2

Sales Enablement Tools

From landing pages to presentations, we create the content and design experiences that help build partner relationships, empower sales teams, and drive product activation in new markets.

PayPal Sales Enablement Tools 1
PayPal Sales Enablement Tools 2
PayPal Sales Enablement Tools 3