Anaplan is a SaaS company that transforms how enterprises across industries see, plan, and drive business performance. From thought-provoking narratives to poke-the-bear campaigns that call out their competitors, we’ve partnered with them to help show businesses how to turn constant change to their advantage.


Campaign Development
Content Strategy
Messaging Framework
Voice & Tone

Woman looking at reflected report data with Anaplan brand colors

Thought Leadership

Anaplan approached us to help them research the concept of “The future of business 2030” and align it strategically with their brand platform. The result was a new “Countdown to 2030” campaign—driving urgency to act now and stay ahead of the curve for what’s coming. To promote it, we created temporary homepage takeovers, social cards, infographics, and a white paper to share their unique POV.

Homepage takeover from Anaplan’s Countdown to 2030 campaign
Anaplan homepage heroes from Countdown to 2030 campaign
Digital ads from Countdown to 2030 campaign shown in context online
Social media ads from Anaplan’s Countdown to 2030 campaign
Samples pages from Countdown to 2030 ebook written by Contrast

Competitive motion

CDW created this campaign during a time when competitor Oracle was giving customers a choice: upgrade now or switch to another vendor before support expired. Anaplan wanted to take advantage of this timely issue and develop a first-ever campaign where they specifically called out Oracle by name—and boldly set themselves up as the better solution. It included an in-your-face website, social media campaign, and email stream.

Campaign landing page hero from competitive motion campaign
More of the long-scrolling competitive motion campaign page
Campaign image of fortune-teller giving business advice
Email from Anaplan campaign email series shown on screen


An extension of “Countdown to 2030,” the hidden-challenges iceberg infographic we created turned out to be the most popular asset in this entire campaign. Was it the business insights or the penguins? We may never know. But it was a much-shared piece in their retargeting efforts to help enterprise customers and prospects follow the right course with Anaplan.

Top of iceberg themed infographic from Anaplan campaign
More views of iceberg infographic for Anaplan campaign
Sketches and explorations for design of iceberg infographic