The world works with ServiceNow—they help companies all over the world manage digital workflows. For years, we’ve partnered with their internal teams on countless projects—global event and talent recruitment campaigns, product marketing, partner marketing, and customer and employee communications. At this very moment, we’re probably in the middle of kicking off another great project with them.


Campaign Development
Design Production
Motion Graphics
Data Visualization
Presentation Graphics
Voice & Tone
Display Advertising
Social Media Marketing

animated gif of the words We Got You

Event experiences

Knowledge is ServiceNow’s annual customer event in celebration of “making the world work.” On a dime, we helped them redesign it from in-person to digital during the pandemic. Then in 2022, Knowledge reinstated in-person experiences, ServiceNow launched their brand evolution, and we redeveloped their event creative to showcase ServiceNow’s new look and feel.

Digital ad promoting ServiceNow Knowledge event in Sydney
Series of ServiceNow digital ads, reports, and landing pages for Knowledge 2022
Series of ServiceNow Knowledge event social media ads in a grid
ServiceNow Knowledge event digital ads shown on webpage
Man wearing ServiceNow T-shirt designed by Contrast DesignWorks
Photo booth images of Contrast team attending ServiceNow event

Brand extension

As good stewards of their new brand refresh, we also helped them kick the tires on how their brand can be extended across different media and form factors. Not only does this result in exciting explorations, but it also enhances the breadth of the brand for use in future projects—some of which included their Global Impact Report, Global Impact microsite, data-intensive materials with facts and figures, and color studies for spot illustrations.

ServiceNow Global Impact Report 2022 shown on tablet and mobile
Sample pages from ServiceNow Global Impact Report 2022
ServiceNow ESG Environment landing page, designed by Contrast
ServiceNow ESG landing page shown in desktop and mobile
ServiceNow ESG sub-pages shown in mobile, designed by Contrast

Talent & recruitment support

When ServiceNow asked us for a fresh campaign to effectively recruit diverse and early-career candidates, we responded with our “Bring Your You” campaign. We created the concept, overall campaign content, and audience-specific design and messaging to target specific audiences, positioning ServiceNow as a place where they can bring their authentic selves to work.

Bring Your You manifesto for ServiceNow Talent Brand campaign
Recruitment event pull-up banners for Talent Brand campaign
Custom online recruitment pages with Bring Your You campaign
Bring Your You recruitment and diversity campaign graphics
Series of Bring Your You recruitment campaign graphics in grid