Stanford School of Medicine


As an approved agency partner of Stanford School of Medicine, we’ve created a dozen websites (so far) for a variety of their teams spanning the university and hospital. Because we’ve worked in the academic and commercial worlds, we’re able to marry the two approaches to storytelling, incorporating the best of both.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Design System
Brand Guidelines & Toolkits
Messaging Framework
Voice & Tone
User Experience
Website Design
HTML Development

Brand identity & website

As an ecosystem of training and support for the University’s students, fellows, and faculty, the Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign wanted a full rebrand that appealed to the needs of their varied audiences. It called for a new logo, fonts, color palette, icons, informational graphics, you name it. From there, we developed a website from scratch, full of the inspirational stories behind the critical programs they provide and the people they educate and empower.

People at a Biodesign presentation showing logo displayed on screen
Stanford Biodesign logos from brand guidelines shown on black and white
Sample pages from Stanford Biodesign brand identity guidelines
Sample webpages from Stanford Biodesign website featuring data visualization graphics

Customer journey & website

Spectrum, the Stanford Center for Clinical and Translational Research and Education, bridges each stage of medical innovation from basic research to public health. To help them optimize the site for multiple types of needs and audiences, we had to do some digging. We started with a content audit. We did interviews, assessed their information architecture, and reexamined the customer journey. From there, our content strategy informed the reorganization and redesign of their entire site. Simple? No. Well-received? Yes.

Stanford Spectrum homepage hero shown in context on monitor
Sample pages from Stanford Spectrum website, including mobile views
Sample L1 page heroes that are part of a full website design system
Stanford Spectrum News page as seen in mobile view
Presentation cover slide designed for Stanford Spectrum brand refresh