After being away from our beloved Los Altos for so long (thanks, COVID), we’re feeling especially full of hometown spirit. And that’s why we jumped at the chance to participate when the Los Altos Art & Wine Festival organizers asked us to get involved. With our shiny new office in downtown Los Altos, we are their friendly neighborhood creative agency, after all.

It won’t be the first time we’ve gotten involved in downtown events. We’ve offered our services to help the Los Altos Village Association with some of their other endeavors, like hosting games and treats for tots on Halloween and promoting downtown businesses during the downturn. But this is a bit of a departure.

We big-red-heart all kinds of design

This time around, we took a break from our day jobs and took some inspiration from the local community to design some fun items. While of course we love crafting websites, virtual events, and branded messaging, we all love to shake things up a bit—and this event gave us the perfect opportunity to flex our creative muscles in a whole new way.

We’re all suckers for good merch—the design, the packaging, the presentation, you name it. So when we got the opportunity to design some for the festival, we were all in. It was a delightful little break from our day jobs, in which we got to take inspiration from the local community to design some items that are homegrown in Los Altos, just like our agency. And we usually create booth experiences for big companies and corporate events, but this time around we got to do one just for us.

Come clink & drink with us

Honestly, it’s already been a lot of fun, and we’re still a month away from the event. We got to let our creativity fly—celebrating our hometown. And now we get to share it all with everyone at the festival and couldn’t be more excited!

While we’d never even think of leaving our clients in favor of becoming merch designers, it was gratifying to try something different in the name of community spirit. So, if you like to enjoy your art and wine in a quaint downtown atmosphere, we hope to see you at the event. We’ll be on Sponsor Row, near the corner of 4th Street and State Street. Cheers!