Okta is an Identity and access management company, connecting any person with any application on any device. Just having finished a new brand rollout, they first reached out to us to help them handle the sheer volume of updates to everything from campaigns and reports to badges and webpages. From there, we helped them take on brand explorations—partnering with branding and marketing—to kick the tires on the templates and shake up their storytelling experiences in all kinds of ways.


Campaign Development
Brand Design System
Display Advertising
Social Media Marketing
Video Production
Design Production

Brand extension

There’s nothing more fun than getting to play with a new brand! Once we knew the comprehensive guidelines by heart, we were able to take a strategic look at what else could be added to the system to augment the possibilities while still staying true to their brand. From badging systems to infographics and videos to print ads, we explored new concepts, color combinations, hierarchy plays, and more.

Report & campaign

Taking inspiration from their brand guidelines and new thought-leadership content, we designed a major report on multi-factor authentication for digital and print. It was a team effort, with all hands on deck for data visualization, copyediting, document design, and proofreading. Concurrently, the team got to work on materials to help promote it, including copy and design for a landing page, social media ads, and display ads to help drive interaction and lead capture.

Digital experiences

To help Okta expedite the brand refresh on their websites (we’re talking hundreds of pages for the main site plus the Oktane site), we divvied up a series of product and event pages to update copy and design in time for Oktane, their annual signature event. Because these were some of the first digital experiences to use the new look and feel, our team got to test them out in the wild—partnering with their UX team to optimize components and digital storytelling techniques. Working closely with their publishing team, we also redlined and annotated page designs in Figma for a faster, smoother handoff.

Product marketing campaigns

How do you keep product marketing fresh and engaging? You make sure it’s focused on what’s most relevant to your busy audience. After a deep dive into Okta’s personas, we applied an audience-first approach to write and design a multiplicity of social ads, display ads, and nurture emails. With a desire to boost response rates and drive lead gen efforts, we also provided different factors for testing—from punchier copy options to eye-catching design elements.