eBay exists to empower people and create economic opportunity. As you might guess, it takes a big organization and many teams to make that happen. We’ve worked with them over the years in a variety of roles—most recently as a design and content partner for their corporate communications.


Data Visualization
Print Collateral
Video Storyboards
Motion Graphics
Video Production
User Experience
Website Design

Digital billboard displays

The eBay DigEx team planned to update their digital signage displays throughout their global eBay campus and wanted to take that opportunity to refresh the content. That’s where we came in. We developed five templates to feature seven feeds—for news, current events, employee highlights, and featured stories. Now, eBay teams can display automated content feeds from existing comms channels and CMS-uploaded videos and slides whenever the urge strikes.

Global map animated for digital billboard of jobs at eBay
Digital billboard story about the Bugatti Veyron sold on eBay
Velocity stats digital billboard story about watches sold on eBay
Virtual summer internship story on digital billboard for eBay
Authentication for cards story on digital billboard for eBay
eBay digital billboard on collectible sneakers shown in situ

Pillar videos

eBay wanted to create videos that capture stories from people in their marketplace, workforce, and workplace—AKA the “pillars”—and show how they extend to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. We took it and ran with it—from developing interview questions that prompted conversations to all art direction and styling on set. We shot all footage locally at eBay and did the post-production work (editing, music selection, on-screen graphics, and transitions) and then stitched our material with pre-existing video footage of eBay business owners—to show the full breadth of the people they want to support.

Behind the scenes at the pillar video shoot for eBay
Behind the scenes of microphone adjustment on video interviews
Behind the scenes of video interviews with equipment in view
Behind the scenes of video with two employees looking at screen
Behind the scenes of video showing employee on camera an in scene

Corporate reports

We were honored to design eBay’s very first annual Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report, and equally proud to design the next three. Their DE&I report reflects their commitment to increase representation across all minority groups, to cultivate a sense of belonging, to engage with their communities and allies, to address biases, and to build inclusive technologies for all.

eBay Diversity & Inclusion Report cover shown on tablet
Series of pages from the eBay Diversity & Inclusion Report
Series of pages from the eBay Diversity & Inclusion Report
Timeline design of D&I progress from eBay corporate report on tablet screen