OpenLight is delivering the world’s first open silicon photonics platform and enabling technologies that weren’t previously possible. While they have 200+ patents, what they didn’t have (when they came to us) was a brand identity system and the foundation for the messaging architecture to help them tell their story. We hopped right on that to help them shine a light on their amazing work.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Design System
Brand Guidelines & Toolkits
User Experience
Website Design
HTML Development

Images that inspired the creation of the OpenLight logo

Messaging & positioning

When we rolled up our sleeves, OpenLight was a new corporate entity in a rapidly evolving industry. Developing consistent and clear messaging for them was critical. We helped them build a solid narrative around their corporate positioning and the related benefits to their key strategic audiences. We believe that a cohesive story builds brands faster, and brands with a clear promise are more valuable.

Sample pages from the OpenLight brand messaging framework

Brand identity

Creating a logo and other brand elements from scratch can be challenging. They can also be exhilarating and—for CDW designers—totally rewarding and fun. The final logo was inspired by the four-quadrant flare that forms when a laser light hits a silicon disc. Three blue quadrants represent the company’s strong foundation and reliability, while the yellow light positioned in the upper right quadrant speaks to their innovation and ascendant future direction. (Yes, we like to geek out on the details.)

OpenLight logo as shown in the brand guidelines created by Contrast
OpenLight tagline as shown in the brand guidelines created by CDW
Sample pages from the OpenLight brand guidelines document
OpenLight LinkedIn page showing graphics designed by CDW
OpenLight PowerPoint Presentation slides designed by CDW

Website design & development

Silicon photonics are complicated. But OpenLight wanted an uncomplicated way to present their solutions to any potential customers via their website. Even though it’s a simple, three-page site, we found ways to clearly articulate their brand promise and implement eye-catching visuals to capture interest. Their products page, for example, features a custom animation that builds the chip from the bottom up to help explain how their solution works.

OpenLight website About Us page, shown in context on tablet
OpenLight website Products page, shown in context on mobile